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All our services start with a soothing, cleansing foot ritual enriched with bath salt and tea tree, to ease away the tension and stress of your feet.

Swedish Body Massage

Experience Rejuvenating, Detoxifying international Swedish Massage at Sabaai, Swedish Massage is ideally suitable for first time spa goers, apart from this it is extremely beneficial in muscular swelling, pain and stiffness.

60 Min Rs. 2200
90 Min Rs. 3200

Balinese Body Massage

Originated from a small island in Indonesia called Bali, Balinese Massage is a Deep Tissue Therapy suitable for hand, stiff Muscles, extremely Detoxifying as it drains the Lymph, the combination of Palm, Fist, For-arms and elbow strokes forms the specialty of the Massage.

60 Min Rs. 2200
90 Min Rs. 3300

Thai Oil Massage

Right from the streets of Bangkok Thai oil Massage is a mixture of compression and stretching strokes to release tight stiff muscles and joints, relaxing therapy done on lowerbed with usually more oil than Swedish massage.

60 Min Rs. 2200
90 Min Rs. 3200

Indian Ayurvedic Massage

5000 years old traditional Indian Massage done with medicated oils basically a blend of different Indian spices with long flowing strokes, covering the entire body in one go, with no towel cover the oil penetrates into the skin thus strengthening the muscles and the nerves along with intense lubrication of the joints.

90 Min Rs. 3200

Hawallian Lomi Lomi Massage

"Loving Hands" massage as it is called in Hawaii, the massage is performed in a fluid rhythmic motion using forearms as well as hands, like a gentle wave flowing across your body, it unblocks the energy channels, relives physical stress and tension and helps in rapid detoxification of the body

90 Min Rs. 3200

Body Polish

Polishes or scrubs are ideally recommended before any massage, its like cleansing the whole body, removes dead cells dirt and grime from the skin, opens the skin, disperses the cellulite, improves blood circulation thus imparting a good glow, firmness and texture to the skin, aids in weight loss also, sabaai offers different kinds of polishes.

Rose and Geranium
A gentle exfoliating Rose Apricot body polish that will leave the Skin Silky, smooth, energized and slightly scented with Rose, preferably for sensitive skin.

Sandalwood regarded as one of the most spiritual and holistic herb in Ayurveda, antiseptic, lightening agent, de-tans The Skin Giving luster, beneficial for oily skin.

Brown Sugar with Shea Butter
Natural Sugar rich in Bio Enzymes, which lifts the impurities and smoothens dry and dull skin, shea butter is rich in collagen and Elastin which moisturizes, tones and firms the skin.

45 Min Rs. 2000

Body Wraps

Body mask is applied on the body and the entire body is covered with a plastic sheet, followed by towels and bedsheets, like a cocoon, the warmth created by the multiple layers of sheet is trapped between the sheets which melts the tension in the muscles, and liquefies the product and helps it to penetrate deep into the skin thus replenishing, hydrating and nourishing the skin.

Sabaai offers different kinds of Wraps.

Turmeric Cream
One of the most important ceremonies of Indian Weddings is the 'haldi' ceremony where a paste made of turmeric is applied to the bride and the groom's body as part of their marriage preparations.
Traditionally used herb for lightening and detaining, rich in anti-oxidants, skin protective, anti ageing, anti scarring agent, extremely good for stretch marks.

Chocolate Cream
This exfoliating body scrub has a decadently chocolatey scent and leaves skin feeling softer and smoother. It contains real cocoa butter, rich in anti-oxidants, leaves your skin glowing and pampered.

Anti - Cellulite Gel
Cellulites are soft fat giving a botched, wrinkled look to the skin. The anti-cellulite gel increases the blood circulation produces warmth which liquefies the cellulite and pushes the back into blood circulation thus giving a firm and toned look to your body, it also aids in weight loss.

75 Min Rs. 2500

Face Therapys

It is recommended that a Facial should be done atleast once in a month, the top layer of our skin sheds every month, to peel that dull, tanned layer and to expose the underlying bright layer is the whole idea behind a Facial, apart from these the facial also imparts firmness, elasticity to the skin. At Sabaai we provide you with wide range of facials with world famous German range of product line called Cheryls.

Hydramoist Facial for Dry Skin

Cheryl's has now introduced a potent facial for oil and moisture dry skin. It as a mesmerizing and unique treatment that will super hydrate and restore so fitness and suppleness to the skin while at the same time imparting a considerable lightening effect to the skin and also enhancing its radiance and glow.

75 Min Rs. 2500

Sensi Glow Facial for Sensitive Skin

This instant glow treatment makes the skin lighter and radiant by eliminating dead skin cells. Its active herbal ingredients uncover lighter glowing skin and is suitable for all skin types that is sensitive but not suitable for sensitive with acne. Chery's SensiGlow treatment is specially formulated for calming and soothing sensitive skin. Itchiness and sensitivity are drastically reduced and the skin becomes less irritable.

75 Min Rs. 2500

Cariglow Facial for Oily Skin

A revolutionary facial to reduce and control imperfections on oily skin and substantially reduce open pores. It will control excessive secretion of sebum and give the skin a matt look, it inhibits excessive secretion of sebum by limiting enzyme activity, while also controlling hyper seborrhea, refines the skin's texture and prevents excessive re-greasing of skin.

90 Min Rs. 2500

Tan-Clear Facial

Cheryl's TanClear removes skin tan instantly leaving the skin lighter, cleaner and even toned.

75 Min Rs. 2500

Vita-Lift Facial for Aeging Skin

It's a non surgical face lift, removes fine lines and wrinkles, tightens muscles with isometric exercises, improves skin metabolism and stimulates blood circulation, suitable for all skin types except sensitive, rosacea and acne prone skin.

75 Min Rs. 2500

Clean Up

Prices Mention are only for One Session.

Rs. 1500